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Zeolite Turf Tech [12x30 MESH] - Small Granules 50LB BAG

Zeolite Turf Tech [12x30 MESH] - Small Granules 50LB BAG

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  • Zeolite Turf Tech Artificial & Natural Turf Infill is composed of 100% natural and OMRI certified, granulated Zeolite, and is the ideal and natural, non-carcinogenic alternative to SBS or vulcanized rubber pellets used in a wide variety of applications. 
  • As your ideal turf infill, Zeolite Turf Tech aids in controlling odors, absorbs excess moisture,  and settles nicely and comfortably under foot. Only the finest and most pure Zeolite is used to process for use on artificial grass, synthetic turf, putting greens and pet kennels.
  • Zeolite neutralizes pet odors and moisture in turf by utilizing its naturally ionic charge to attract, bind and eliminate odors.
  • Zeolite Turf Tech also helps with ambient temperature control by slowly releasing trapped and evaporating moisture, thus reducing the overall temperature.


Recommended Usage: We recommend 2-3 pounds of infill per square foot of turf. The amount used depends on your specific turf usage. For light use you can use less. For heavier usage or with pets, it is recommended to use more pounds per square foot.

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