Zeolite Turf Tech

For a greener lawn and garden, Zeolite Turf Tech helps you get the most out of your waterings. And it only take minutes to apply.

Zeolite Turf Tech is also great for your pets, keeping your lawn smelling fresh & clean.

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Zeolite Turf Tech

 Is the Grass really Greener on the Other Side of the Fence?

Imagine having a green, lush & healthy lawn under your feet with little to no effort, while watering LESS. If only there was a solution to the high cost of water & watering restrictions!

Well, Have we Got the Thing for you, and it's so much Easier than you Think!

Introducing Zeolite Turf Tech

Zeolite Turf Tech is an all natural mineral infill and additive for turf, lawns, and gardens that not only helps keep grass, lawns, and gardens greener, but also reduces watering schedules, saving you money. With the watering restrictions in California and the rest of the world, this is our most helpful and innovative new products, and has now become our top performing sellers.

California cuts grass watering down as drought dries West

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How to Water Less and get MORE!

Imagine if there was a 'sponge' that you could put into your lawn that could store all the water to then slowly time-release it back into the turf, root zone & soil?

Sound too good to be true?

Well, we're here to tell you It's not. It's mineral science! Zeolite Turf Tech acts as a 'mineral sponge', and it can keep 40-50% more water at the root zone for maximized growth and efficiency. This is because Zeolite Turf Tech can hold 40-50% of it's weight in water! That's truly amazing!

Very soon, you'll be able to find Zeolite Turf Tech us at your local home improvement stores as well as in your parks, stadiums, and golf courses. Don't miss out, try some today!

How does Zeolite Turf Tech clean & detoxify water & roots?

  • Zeolite has a 'cage-like' molecular structure that holds more water than you could imagine. Although you can't see it, Zeolite is porous.

  • Zeolite is colloidal by nature which means it can clean & detoxify the water at the root zone through its's naturally occuring ionic charge.

  • This is what makes Zeolite Turf Tech so amazing & unique.

How to use Zeolite Turf Tech

Zeolite Turf Tech is super user-friendly and easy to install.

✅ Simply use a seed spreader or you can spread by hand, evenly applying over the affected areas or whole lawn.

✅Use a rake or broom to work the infill down into the base of the turf, right into the root zone.

(2-3lbs per square foot is our suggested application rate)

✅ For gardens, mix into soil thoroughly, then water to 'charge' up your soil!