Mineral Solutions & GreenClays.com

For over 14 years, Mineral Solutions has supported GreenClays.com & Jason Eaton, owner & clay disciple, until operations ceased in March of 2022.

We are honored to continue GreenClays.com's legacy for natural healing.

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  • GreenClays.com

    Jason Eaton's legacy is alive and well here. We have Green Desert Calcium Bentonite, Sodium Bentonite, and More...

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  • ZeoTech

    ZeoTech keeps your lawn and garden greener, longer!

    And wait, there's more. ZeoTech also detoxifies the water and localized soil around it.

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  • Mineral Market

    Do you need a rare or hard to source mineral?

    Or are you looking for a new source or supplier for a common mineral?

    We can provide you with Mineral Solutions!

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    Replace the minerals and trace elements that have been depleted from your diet with Mezotrace’s pure, natural, and whole supplements.

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