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Let's delve into the wonderful world of edible healing clays for internal detoxification. Please find an excerpt from Eyton's Earth in the link below:

Let's Talk about Healing Clays

Green Desert Calcium Bentonite

Our Green Desert Calcium Bentonite has a documented history of human use dating back over 200 years. This is our "signature" clay. This exceedingly pristine alkaline therapeutic desert clay is classified as a calcium montmorillonite. However, due to the fact that our clay contains a small amount of natural sodium, it shares the qualities of both sodium bentonite and calcium montmorillonite. It is therefore an "all purpose healing clay".

Our bulk Green Desert Calcium Bentonite can be used for all clay therapy applications. However, don't forget to check out our special purpose exceptional blends of clays. We know clay inside and out! If you are not sure which product is right for you, email us, and we'll be glad to help. We have over 20 years of experience studying the therapeutic clays of the world.

Our Clays and Clay Blends can be researched for:

  • Clay Poultices and Packs: Since our calcium montmorillonite shares some of the properties of sodium bentonite. Its water retention characteristic allow super hydration of the clay. Therefore, a clay poultice will easily remain hydrated and active for 45 minutes or longer.

  • Clay Compresses

  • Clay Cosmetics - Our clay is naturally sand and grit free, even prior to being milled; it is the perfect clay to use for cosmetics and facials without risk of skin damage due to abrasion.

  • Spa Use - Our clay is excellent for professional spa use.

  • Clay Dusting - Our grit free clay is ideal for the art of clay dusting.

  • Full Body Mud / Clay Sea Wraps - An ideal base clay for full body clay wraps using linen or saran wrap.

  • Raw Ingredients for use with Supplements

  • Clay Baths

Frequently Asked Questions


What happened to

Jason Eaton, the owner and founder of, passed away unexpectedly in March of 2022. We are all feeling the loss of this clay disciple in the natural healing community.

Who is Mineral Solutions?

We are a mineral mining operation, processing facility, and sourcing agent as well as and a reseller of all things mineral.

Can I get all the same products as

Yes! We were's supplier for the past 14+ years. The products we carry will be identical in quality as before.

How can I learn more about clays and salts? and have plenty of great information on suggested use & application.

We are in the process of converting much of Jason's website into our own here for easier access.

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