Therapeutic Clay Uses

Therapeutic clays have been used by the people of the world since before recorded history. In the United States, therapeutic clays were used for their medicinal value by the medical profession prior to the formation of the Food and Drug Administration. To this day, bentonite still enjoys FDA GRAS status (generally regarded as safe).

However, federal law does state that no medical claims may be made about substances that are not approved by the FDA. We can therefore make no medical claims, nor may we recommend clay use for any medical condition. Since we are primarily a wholesale distribution company, we do not label our products for human or animal use.

There have been many books written about the value of therapeutic clays, and we strongly encourage those interested to spend some time researching the wonderful world of clay therapeutics. You'll be glad that you did!

We have links to the most comprehensive information out there. These research article links are available in our RESOURCES section.

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